HEROES IN OUR MIDST VOL. 1 WWII American Airborne: Early Years


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HARD COPY, 240+ pages, original documents, photos, in black & white and color on almost every page.   This is one of the most complete compliations of “American Airborne”  Early years, Training, Jump Wings, Parachutes, Jump Helmets, Paramarines..  This is volume 1 of 3.  A must have for military history collectors.

WWII American Airborne: Early Years, Training, Jump Wings, Parachutes, Jump Helmets, Paramarines

by LTC (Ret.) JOHN R. ANGOLIA assisted by Jake Powers

When the intent to address the history of the WWII U.S. airborne forces was first contemplated, the reaction was “What can one do that hasn’t already been done?” Upon hearing of the project, historians, advanced researchers, collectors, and fans of the airborne stepped forward asking, “What can I do to help?” What was initially intended to be a single volume has turned into a formidable series on the subject.

This first volume deals in great detail with the Early Years, Airborne Training, Parachute Qualification Wings and Trimmings, Evolution of Military Parachutes, Jump Helmets, and Paramarines in 528 pages, 1660 photos (most in full color), large format deluxe binding.

Future volumes, each over 500 pages, will cover Troop Carriers, Glider Troops, Pathfinders, Service and Jump Uniforms, Divisional/ Unit patches, Distinctive Insignia, Special Insignia, Equipment, Weapons, Tactical Operations, Unit Colors (Flags and Guidons), and Paper-Related Collectibles.
528 pages
1,660 photos – Most in Color
Large Format Deluxe Binding

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