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Our Charter’s mission is to memorialize the glorious history of this great division, and showcase all that its young men and women have done, from the beginning of WWI, to its current involvement in our Nation’s fight against terrorism. The main goal of the 82d Airborne Division Historical Society, Inc. is to expand the Museum for future generations. This new Museum will showcase what the 82d Airborne Division truly is; a national treasure manned by our finest soldiers.


We would like to reiterate how important your contribution is. We rely on such generous contributions as yours for all the efforts to operate, maintain, and update the 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum. Contributions such as yours provide the support we need to achieve these worthy goals.

Please send all donations to the attention of 82d Airborne Division Historical Society, P.O. Box 70119, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 28307-0119. If you have any questions regarding financial donations, the Gift Shop, or memberships, please call Mrs. Shantay McQueen, Gift Shop Manager, at 910-436-1735.