The Americans on D-Day

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Passionate and articulate ,Normandy tour guide and battlefield historianEllwood von Seibold takes us around the American sector of D-Day in real time. Travel in Ellwood’s 1943 Dodge Command car ,land in Ste Mere Eglise with the 82nd Airborne,scale the cliffs at La Pointe du Hoc with the 2nd Ranger Battalion,wade through the surf on Omaha Beach with the 29th infantry division and take the guns at Brecourt Manor with Easy company of the 506th p.i.r. Hear from the men who were there ,see the uniforms they wore,the weapons the fired and the equipment they carried . ‘Live that Day of Days’. “I’ve seen a lot of tour videos that purport to give viewers an insight into what gallant Americans endured and accomplished on D-Day ,but this one really hits the mark” Captain Dale A. Dye The American Legion Review For those who have never been to Normandy, “The Americans on D-Day” is the next best thing to being there. And for those who have visited those hallowed beaches in northern France, this program will add well-crafted detail to your experience.


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