The Americans in The Bulge

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Description presents The Americans in the Bulge, as seen on public television plus additional footage and features. In this final installment of the American Road to Victory series, join battlefield historian Ellwood von Seibold as he takes us on a tour of the frozen Ardennes Forest to Malmedy, St. Vith and Bastogne and shows us how the surprise Nazi plan to encircle and destroy the Allied armies was foiled by the gallant actions of the US forces. Visit the frozen foxholes and fog-shrouded hills where these brave soldiers endured unimaginable conditions. Listen to the veterans who fought there and learn how–against all odds–their heroic efforts pushed the Nazis back behind the Siegfried Line. The production uses animated maps, archival footage and veteran’s testimony to explain what happened during the bloodiest and most costly campaign ever fought by US forces. Author and Historian John McManus says of The Americans in The Bulge ‘The Americans in the Bulge’ is an entertaining, accurate, absorbing look at the American experience in that monumental struggle.  The film brings the past to life, conveying the look and feel of the battle.  Whether you are a novice or an expert on World War II, there is something for you to see in this fine movie.  I wish that all filmmakers would present history this way!’



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